Swave Permissions Explained

At Swave, we are a true believers in being transparent. That's why we decided to thoroughly explain in a simple and illustrative way what data do we access and why.

Upon Swave installation, you'll be asked t o provide us with the following permissions:

  1. View Shopify Account Data

  2. View Products

  3. Manage Orders

  4. Manage Your Online Store

  5. Manage Other Data

View Shopify Account Data

Shopify account data permission provides Swave the general account's details, such as store name, account email, account phone number, etc. This is needed for on-going communication, messaging personalisation and smoother experience.

View Products

View products is required for User-Content validation. One part of the validation process is to match the product visuals with the content the customer posted online.

Swave also uses the product catalog to pin items to the content on a shoppable social proof

Manage Orders

Manage orders permission enables Swave to get access to the store orders in the last 60 days. This information is being used on number of occasions throughout the system:

  • Automatically handle the cashbacks for users who paid with a refundable payment method

  • Validate the user-content by cross referencing the product in the order with the content itself

  • Analyse & optimise the User-Content impact on the store conversions and ROI

In addition it enables Swave's system to automatically handle the partial refund in case you decided to incentivise your customers using cashback offers.

Manage Your Online Store

Accessing the online store with this permission, enables Swave to inject the required assets directly to your online code automatically. This removes the requirement for code alteration or knowledge on your part.

Manage Other data

Manage price rules (under other data) is required to automatically create the discount codes for customers who passed the validation process and entitled for their reward.


Whether your store operates on top of Shopify or any other platform, Swave is complaint with the GDPR guidelines.

You can also find our official privacy policy here.