How To Manually Set The Stories Bar Location

In some cases our platform is not able to automatically locate the right place to set your stories bar. In other cases you just want to have full control on where to put the stories bar in your theme. This post describes how to set the stories bar manually through several steps.


Step 1: Shopify Theme Changes

1. Enter Your Shopify Admin

2. Under Online Store, Go To Themes

3. Click Edit Code

Step 2: Set Stories Bar Element Position

1. Choose the page(s) you want your stories bar to be displayed

2. Set the following code snippet in the relevant location in your code:

<div id="swave-stories"></div>

3. Click Save

Step 3: Change Location in Swave Admin

1. Go to your Swave admin (can be accessed through the shopify admin -> Apps)

2. Under the Content Section, Click Change Stories bar location

Step 4: Attach Stories bar to the custom element

1. Choose the Swave-Stories element from the location list.

2. Review the new location

3. In case you want to change the location, please go back to step 1 (optional)

4. Click Save.


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