How To Install Swave Stories

Swave Stories installation process is very straight forward and was designed to require no coding skills.

The following steps will walk you through the process.

For your convenience we also prepared a video that illustrates the installation process. You can follow this video or the written steps below for further information and customisation:


Step 1: Installing the App

Login to the Shopify app store and navigate here:

1. Click Add app

2. Click Install App


Step 2: Configuring your account details

The account configuration covers your general details, Instagram account handle and the basic discount value you are willing to give in order to convert your customers into brand ambassadors.

1. Set your Instagram handle (for example: @swave_media)

2. Set the basic discount value that will be used to motivate your customers

3. Choose Billing Plan

Click Next


Step 3: Configuring the Stories

This section covers the content (stories) management. Rather you upload stories manually or the content is being submitted automatically by your ambassadors. Here you'll be able to view & manage your content that is displayed on your store.

Fetching Default Content

Wait a few moments while our system fetches the latest content from your Instagram account.

Choose Stories

In the stories screen you'll be able to see two sections: Shown and Hidden.

Click Add/Remove to show/hide respectively the story in the stories bar

Edit Stories Details

1. Go to Story Edit screen by clicking "Edit Details" or "Add New Story" (upload new story)

2. Choose an image or a video from your device

3. Set a title for the story

4. Connect the story to a product by setting the product url (optional)

5. Click Save

Click Next


Step 4: Set The Stories Bar Location

This section covers the default flow for placing the stories bar in your store. For manual placement please visit our blog post about setting the stories bar manually here.

1. Scroll through the location option list in the top left corner.

2. Choose the element you want the Stories bar to be attached to.

Click Save


Step 5: Review And Activate

In this section you will review your details and Activate Swave Stories.

1. Review your account details

2. Click on Activate

3. Click Approve On the Shopify Payment Confirmation Screen (paid plans only)


That's it! you are LIVE and ready to go.

That's It! Feel free to contact us for any further assistance.