Guest Post: Use Your Thank You Page to Transform Customers Into Ambassadors

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

If you’re an online merchant you probably already know that as hard as it is to acquire new customers, retaining them is even more difficult.

Most of us only use remarketing mediums like paid social media and email marketing to get our customers to take certain actions. Now, don’t get me wrong, these channels are essential, they are just not enough.

Why? Let’s say you ask your customer to share his order on social media 3 days after he made a purchase.

A few things need to happen in order for him to comply:

  1. Your email will have to reach his inbox

  2. The subject line will have to be engaging enough for him to open the email

  3. He’ll have to read the email’s content and accept your offer to share the order

  4. He’ll have to be redirected to the page with the offer details

The funnel here is just too long, with too many customers getting lost on the process. A successful email campaign has around a 40% open rate and a 2% click rate. That sums up to an overall of about 1% conversion rate.

Wouldn’t you like to get results for your social sharing campaign?

If you could find a way to catch your customer where he is still engaged with your store, a “warm lead”, and ask him to do those things, he will:

  • Be more likely to comply

  • Have fewer steps in the way, shortening the funnel and making the abandonment percentages much lower.

Exactly for that reason, you should use your store’s “thank you page” (AKA order confirmation page) to ask your customers to become ambassadors of your brand, and help you in your marketing efforts.

Encourage social media sharing

Social media is the word of mouth of today’s digital world, 88% of people will take in consideration a recommendation from a friend over a random offer.

If your store runs on Shopify, you can use tools like ReConvert to ask your customers to share their order on social media and provide their friends with a discount for their first purchase.

Some platforms, like Instagram, are a bit more sophisticated and require some advanced tools. This is where Swave comes to play, offering a cashback/discount offer to fresh customers if they are willing to share their order on their Instagram story.

Add a coupon

Adding a coupon just makes it easier for customers to either shop again or share an existing order with their friends. A good example is Walmart, offering $10 off the second order + 10% cashback in order to get customers back.

As a customer, this is something you’re definitely willing to share with your friends.

Ask for family & friends birthdays

One event that is highly effective in customer retention is his birthday.

According to a study from 2016, 40% of customers are more likely to shop at brands that acknowledge their birthdays. It is one thing to ask for your customer’s birthday on the thank you page, but how can you take advantage of it and turn this customer an ambassador using birthdays?

Ask for family & friends birthdays- nearing the birthday date, send the customer a special email with a special offer for their loved one.

This will not only help your customers celebrate the occasion with their loved ones, but get them to share your brand with others- 2 birds, 1 stone.

Invite them to a referral program

The easiest thing you can do is offer your customers an opportunity to get their share out of every order generated by them.

You can use tools like Referral Bee to automate the process and generate a special, automatic link to every customer when he reaches the thank you page.

For example, offer customers a $5 reward for each order that was generated from their link. Now your customers have a very clear incentive to become your best ambassadors.

Ask for reviews

Last but not least, it’s always a good idea to ask for content from your customers. If this isn’t their first order, you can ask them to review their past orders.

This is something Aliexpress are doing very well:

If this is their first order, you can encourage them in advanced to leave a review in the future, in exchange for a cashback offer. Again, using a tool like Swave this is very easy to do.

Every customer that uploads an image or post relating one of your items is a great win in terms of SEO, and it creates great social proof for you as an online store.

Final thoughts

It doesn’t really matter how you choose to use your order confirmation page to recruit ambassadors- we’ve detailed a few ideas, and there are many more ways to utilize this page.

But, if you’re looking at ambassadors as a marketing branch in your business, if you’re not using your order confirmation page to squeeze out the most out of your customers, you’re literally leaving money on the table.