Q: What is SWAVE?
SWAVE is a fully automated customer stories driven service that enables brands to harness the power of authenticity and create a new social proof experience that extends the limits of the online store.
The Customers get incentives, The Brands get in-store social proof experience & out-of-store authentic marketing - Everybody Wins.
Q: How does it work?
In one sentence: You get authentic marketing, Your customers get discounts and everybody wins.
Once joined your customers Stories Strip will be added to your store. The "SWAVE Customer Stories Strip"™ is natively built into your store and create a new and authentic shopping experience for your customers.
The circle: 
  1. The Brand's customers get into the store and natively engage with SWAVE shoppable stories

  2. The Customers are being motivated with an incentive to make a purchase and upload a tagged story to their Instagram account.

  3. The newly created advocates spread your name to their followers, creating a social wave effect and driving more traffic to your store

  4. SWAVE automatically gathers and verifies the content and delivers it to the brand’s SWAVE stories

  5. More customers engage with stories and increase the brand's revenues -> (1)

Q: What are the key benefits?
As a brand, you gain three main benefits:
  1. Increase Conversions & Store Traffic - Increase your conversion rate with a cool shoppable social proof - Stories. SWAVE stories engage customers with purchase incentives.
  2. Brand Advocates - Convert customers into brand advocates by proactively applying the right benefit to the right customer at the right time.
  3. Extend Social Marketing Reach - Leverage customer Stories, the fastest growing media channel, to increase user engagement and provide extra marketing power.
Q: Sounds great. How do I Join?
If you Have Shopify Store, then you are ready to go:
  1. just log-in here, and add our app to your store
  2. Set the incentive boundaries and your social handle (currently Instagram username, i.e @example_company.
  3. Pick the initial content that will be displayed to your customers
  4. start enjoying real growth :)
Q: What If I don't have Shopify Store?
No worries. We are working double time to get to all platforms. next ones are: Magento & WooCommerce. If you have any special request or inquiry, don't hesitate to contact us at contact@swave.media.
Q: Something is bothering me/ I want to uninstall the app
First, we encourage you to contact us. We are true believers in real and sincere feedback. Our great customer care will handle any request or fear you might have. 
In case it's something temporary:
  1. Click on the Deactivate button under your account settings in the swave dashboard -This will hide the Customers Stories from your store.
  2. Click the Activate button to get back to business - That simple :)
Q: That doesn't work for me. I still want out
No problem, just follow these instructions:
  1. Go to your store admin
  2. Under apps -> click on the trash icon near the SWAVE app -> uninstall
  3. In case you are on enhanced experience mode (default):
    1. Enter your Shopify Admin
    2. On the left navigation, Go to Online Store
    3. Under Current Theme -> Click Actions -> Edit Code
    4. Edit "theme.liquid"
      1. Search and Click the file "theme.liquid" (should be one of the first files)
      2. Scroll down the file until you see the following line: {% include 'swave-strip' %} (should be just before the </body> tag)
      3. Remove that line and click Save (top right corner of the editor)
    5. Remove the "swave-strip" snippet:
      1. Search and Click the file "swave-strip.liquid" (you can look him up in the search bar at the top of the file list)
      2. Click the Delete button at the top right corner of the file editor
      3. Confirm the delete request
    6. That's it.
Q: I have a couple of more questions, whom should I contact?
Feel free to contact us with any question/inquiry/demo request at contact@swave.media  or via the site chat at any time. We will try to respond as quickly as possible.