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The Future Is Here, Swave.

What Swave Does

Swave creates a new shopping experience where both customers and brands win. 

Brands get authentic marketing and social proof that drive up conversions.

Customers get a unique shopping experience where they get benefits for uploading posts and stories.

Customer Social Story

Get Traffic From Instagram

  • Your customers upload posts & stories to social media creating a social wave with your name.

  • Gain full control and analytics of the content that tells your story.

  • Drive your customers' followers to engage with your brand

Increase conversion rate and Trust

  • New customers are swept into your store by the social wave.

  • Build trust with your store visitors by showcasing real-life happy customers.

  • Optimize your content with real-time accurate analytics on your content.

  • Convert new visitors & customers into your content creators.

Swave Shoppable Story in action
Customer Cashback Incentive

How it works

Create Authentic & measurable User-Generated-Content

  • Motivate customers to become your best evangelists with a smarter motivation system.

  • Offer discounts & giveaways in exchange for social content and exposure.

  • Gain a unique shopping experience showcasing your customers content with eye-catching stories.

  • Increase your social presence with highly engaged user-generated-content.

Organic and authentic marketing, strong customer trust,

and long-lasting customer relationship.

This is the way to Grow.

Why Swave?


Want Instagram stories in your store? Drive sales with Swave’s leading social proof experience - Shoppable Instagram Stories.

Shoppable Stories Gallery


Engage customers with smart discounts. Swave seamlessly motivates your customers to make a purchase and post about you on Instagram.

Increase Store Conversion


Let Swave grow your social exposure and drive traffic to your store with tagged User Generated Content on Instagram by your happy customers.

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Organic Traffic

How it works

Check Out Our Live Customer Stories

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